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Scribe certificering verlengd

Certificering, check!

Toch nog tijd gevonden om mijn certificering te onderhouden. Deze keer zowel Scribe Online als Scribe Insight. Omdat ik er vrijwel dagelijks mee werk was het deze keer een stuk makkelijker om de 80% score te halen!

Wat doe ik met Scribe?

Ik werk het meest met Scribe Online omdat op dit moment de meeste migraties plaatsvinden van on-premise naar Dynamics 365 Online. Naast de migraties heb ik voor een klant met een bestaande Scribe Insight installatie, een interface gebouwd tussen Dynamics CRM en Microsoft Active Directory. Contactpersonen worden via een XML bestand geëxporteerd uit CRM. Dit bestand wordt vervolgens opgepakt door een PowerShell script, dat de persoonsgegevens opneemt in AD als gebruiker voor een bibliotheeksysteem.

Scribe Insight certification

Scribe Insight is a data integration and data migration platform often used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. That’s because it is robust, flexible and much more cost effective than other solutions on the market. I have been working with Scribe Insight for many years and to be able to prove my experience, I certified myself. Visit their website on



ClickDimensions certification

ClickDimensions is an email marketing solution targeted at small and medium business companies. It does exactly what you need, create templates and send emails in an organized way, manage subscriptions and follow-up on the response. It measures click behaviour on your web site and from the emails that have been sent. Very easy to use and without the hassle of complex programming or a large technical infrastructure. Everything a user has to do is drag’n drop, point and click and use the results.

I participated in the ClickDimensions bootcamp training during eXtremeCRM 2015 in Madrid. This training consists of three different parts covering the functionality as well as the installation and configuration of the software. Part of the offering was to do the certification exam, so I did and passed the first time! This is an opportunity for all my clients who need expert knowledge to implement E-mail marketing from ClickDimensions. See for an overview of the possibilities.


Upgrade to CRM 2013 on SQL server 2014

Today I finished an in place upgrade of CRM 2011 to CRM 2013 with a SQL server 2014 database. As far as I know not yet officially supported by Microsoft but…, it works! The database was already upgraded on the CRM 2011 installation. An in place upgrade to CRM 2013 worked without error.

Installing UR2 however produced an error “Action Microsoft.Crm.Setup.Common.Update.DBUpdateAction failed”. Luckily I wasn’t the first to run into this one so I have solved it using this thread: Error when installing RU1 for CRM 2013. The suggestion in the article is to rename these two tables in MSCRM_Config:

and install the rollup. This will recreate the table dbo.dbupdateinstallinfo and the update finishes without error. Afterwards I deleted the renamed tables. Probably could have done this right away but who cares, it works!
WARNING: The action described here is probably unsupported by Microsoft. Make a backup of your MSCRM_Config before you start and only try this if you feel confident about your capabilities to do a rollback or complete reinstall in case of failure.

Nieuwe website!

De nieuwe website van CRMBusiness (deze dus) is bijna klaar! Met dank aan de mensen van Code4design voor het geduld en de creativiteit om dit realiseren.